The Courteeners describe biggest gig of their career at Manchester’s Heaton Park as ‘unbelievable’

The band played a sold out homecoming show to 25,000 people last night (June 5)

The Courteeners played a sold out show at Manchester’s Heaton Park last night, with 25,000 people attending the hometown event.

The gig sold out in under an hour when it was announced and marked the biggest show of the band’s career to date.

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Earlier in the evening, support bands Blossoms and Bipolar Sunshine played in support of the group, while Peace were the main support act. Bringing out tracks from across their two albums, the Birmingham group were also left without regular drummer Dominic Boyce, who was unable to play due to a leg injury. The band were joined by a replacement drummer plus Superfood singer Dom Ganderton.

Coming on at 9.15 to a set decorated with shipping containers, The Courteeners kicked off with ‘Notion’ as a host of people in the crowd set off flares despite signs on the screens explicitly reading that people lighting flares would be ejected from the event.

The band, led by singer Liam Fray who was sporting a white denim jacket, continued into 2008 track ‘Cavorting’ and a selection of more recent offerings including ‘How Good It Was’ and ‘Summer’ before introducing debut album track ‘Please Don’t’ during which the frontman descended into the crowd.

Shouting out to the support bands, they then continued with minimal stage chat into a host of tracks taken from across their four albums including ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Take Over The World’, leading into the latter portion of their lengthy 22-song set. ‘Bide Your Time’ saw the crowd sing the entire chorus for Fray, while old tracks including ‘Acrylic’ were also greeted fervently by the crowd, who continued to let off flares throughout.

Coming to the end of the set, the band played ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ before Fray addressed the crowd. “This is unbelievable, it’s not just tonight, this is for the last eight years. It’s not just our night, it’s your night too,” he said. They then played set closer ‘What Took You So Long’ as confetti cannons burst over the crowd, uniting at the front to take a bow before Fray went back down to the front row to shake people’s hands.

The Courteeners played:


‘Push yourself’
‘How Good It Was’
‘Please Don’t’
‘The Opener’
‘Lose Control’
‘Next Time You Call’
‘Bide Your Time’
‘Take Over The World’
‘Small Bones’
‘Why Are You’
‘Yesterday Today and Probably Tomorrow’
‘Aftershow/ Kimberley’
‘Here Come The Young Men’
‘Beautiful Head’
‘Not Nineteen Forever’
‘What Took you So Long’