The Courteeners to release new EP ‘How Good It Was’ – listen

The band have new album 'Concrete Love' out on August 18

The Courteeners will release a new EP titled ‘How Good It Was’ ahead of their new album, ‘Concrete Love’ on August 18.

The group have also debuted new song ‘How Good It Was’, the EP’s title track, that will also feature on ‘Concrete Love’.

Frontman Liam Fray has revealed that it was a “really difficult” decision to leave the other tracks off the forthcoming album which is why they have ended up on the EP.

“‘With ‘Summer’ we were just teasing,” he revealed. “This is the real deal. I had the same feeling with ‘How Good It Was’ that I had with ‘Are You In Love With A Notion?’. As soon as I’d written it, it just felt right. It was a perfect fit straight away.

“We were honoured to have members of the BBC Philharmonic and Halle orchestras play on it too, which was incredible, ” Fray continued. “The other three songs were really difficult to leave off the album in all honesty. They could’ve easily nestled in amongst the others on ‘Concrete Love’. ‘Why Are You Still With Him?’ was written in New York a few years ago about a good friend of mine. I’m happy to be able to finally give it a good home.”

The band debuted five tracks from ‘Concrete Love’ in London last week (July 15) at a special intimate comeback gig – their first show in seven months.

Speaking to NME after the show, the Courteeners frontman explained why they played The 100 Club: “It’s just a legendary venue and we’ve never done it before. We’ve kind of done all the small places in Manchester and we thought it’d be nice to play one in London. This place is one those places you see on old Kinks posters and [Sex] Pistols posters. They tried to shut it down a few years ago and I’d never played here before but I’ve got an affiliation to it because all these great bands I love cut their teeth here.”

The tracklisting for ‘How Good It Was’ is:

‘How Good It Was’
‘Hometown One’
‘Why Are You Still With Him?’