Johnny Marr leaving The Cribs – fans give their verdict

Debate over the guitarist's departure rages on NME.COM/blogs

Fans of The Cribs have been giving their reaction to the news that Johnny Marr has left the band, following the announcement earlier this week (April 11).

Fans have been posting their thoughts on NME.COM/blogs, and the reaction has been decidedly mixed.

User Jake Germain-Whiskin described his departure as “good news” before adding: “They really lost the distinctive guitar playing of the first three records. Also they’ve never been as exciting live with Marr.”


However, many championed the guitarist’s involvement in the band’s 2009 album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’.

“I think Marr added a different dimension and ‘We Share The Same Skies’ stands up to much of their previous material,’ wrote Chris Johnston.

“I really like their three-piece albums but musically ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ is superior in my opinion.”

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