The Cribs cover Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at Live At Leeds festival

The Jarman brothers headlined the multi-venue festival on Saturday (May 2)

The Cribs covered Queen as they headlined Live At Leeds festival last night (May 2) in the Yorkshire city.

The Wakefield band ended the night at Leeds Town Hall, playing to a capacity crowd with reams of fans unable to get in. Midway through the set, which saw them showcase songs from new album ‘For All My Sisters’, the trio burst into a brief version of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in recognition of the classic rock band that played there in their heyday.

The Jarman brothers opened their hour-long set with ‘Mirror Kissers’ before playing the first new song of the night in ‘An Ivory Hand’. Later, they recalled the last time they played the venue with bassist Gary telling the crowd “it must have been 10 years ago, in 2005.”

Before ‘Hey Scenesters!’, guitarist Ryan asked the crowd if anyone remembered “the village green preservation society at Milo’s”, drawing silence from the crowd. Meanwhile, ‘The Watch Trick’, taken from their self-titled first album, was dedicated to “all the old school fans”.

The band concluded the set with versions of ‘Men’s Needs’ and ‘Pink Snow’.

The Cribs played:

‘Mirror Kissers’
‘An Ivory Hand’
‘Come On Be A No One’
‘Different Angle’
‘The Lights Went Out’
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
‘Another Number’
‘Finally Free’
‘Our Bovine Public’
‘Be Safe’
‘We Share The Same Skies’
‘Moving Pictures’
‘Burning For No One’
‘Back To The Bolthole’
‘It Was Only Love’
‘Summer Of Chances’
‘I’m A Realist’
‘Hey Scenesters!’
‘Men’s Needs’
‘Pink Snow’