The Cribs’ Johnny Marr gets stolen guitar back after 10 years

His vintage 1964 Gibson SG was taken from a gig in 2000

The CribsJohnny Marr has had one of his favourite guitars returned after it was stolen 10 years ago.

The vintage 1964 Gibson SG, which was valued at £30,000, was taken by Stephen White after he was invited backstage at a Johnny Marr And The Healers show in London.

“I’m disgusted with the whole thing,” White said as he pleaded guilty to theft at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court. “There’s a victim here. I can’t reconcile myself with the behaviour of that night.”

Sentenced to 200 hours community service, White revealed that the stolen guitar had been displayed in his living room since the theft occurred in 2000.

“[Johnny Marr] bears no malice towards the defendant,” Police Constable Christopher Swain explained, adding that the former Smiths guitarist was “ecstatic” about getting the guitar back.