The Cribs nearly pulled Doncaster show due to The Slits’ treatment

Band slam gig-goers for abusing support band

The Cribs have revealed that they nearly pulled last Saturday’s (December 5) gig at the Doncaster Dome due to the way some fans treated The Slits, who played before them.

The post-punk legends were playing as special guests of the Wakefield/Manchester band, but were on the receiving end of items being thrown at them from some crowd members.

“We were in two minds about what to do during their set,” The Cribs told NME.COM. “Do we pull the show? No, that would be letting them win and making the night all about their behaviour. So we played.”

They added that they were “disgusted by the way that a certain minority treated The Slits during their set. The night was marred… by a handful of people throwing coins, beer and generally putting on a disgustingly chauvinistic display of small-mindedness”.

They said that the incident reminded them of their own negative experience supporting the Sex Pistols at the (then-named) Brixton Academy in 2007.

“The thing that bothered us most is that this reception can’t possibly have been anything to do with the music,” they said. “Also, just to make it clear, these people [crowd members throwing items] didn’t bother or upset The Slits in any way. They played on, and the show of unity from the rest of the bands on the bill, as well as the way The Slits carried themselves, was not only a moral victory but also pretty moving.”

The band slammed the perpetrators, calling them “dickheads with the loudest mouths” and “cowardly”, but also said they recognised it was a small minority of gig-goers who were involved.

“We have met our fans all over the world and know that our fans are some of the best you could hope for,” they said. “We’re not stupid enough to tar everyone with the same brush because of a few bad apples. We’re just disappointed that Yorkshire was represented so poorly to so many people.”