Johnny Marr contributes to Leonardo DiCaprio’s new sci-fi thriller ‘Inception’

The Cribs' guitarist teams up with an orchestra

Johnny Marr has penned the score to Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan‘s new movie Inception.

The Cribs‘ fourth member plays guitar on the soundtrack to the movie with an orchestra and composer Hans Zimmer, who previously scored Gladiator and The Dark Knight.

The sci-fi thriller, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, will be released on July 16 with the soundtrack coming out three days earlier.

“I enjoyed working on Inception and it’s a great soundtrack,” Marr explained. “Hans [Zimmer] invited me and he’s someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. We really got into it, it’s a really good movie.”

This is the second movie the former Smiths star has scored this year. He has also composed the soundtrack to the forthcoming film The Big Bang.