The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman and Professor Green in Twitter feud over Kate Nash

Jarman speaks to NME to try and clear up situation

The CribsRyan Jarman has spoken about his Twitter feud with Professor Green over his girlfriend Kate Nash.

Jarman had accused the rapper of trying to hook up with Nash by organising a meeting between them through their respective tour managers.

Writing on, he accused Green of being “arrogant” and labelled him a “prick”.

Professor Green responded by claiming that he had not tried to make a move on Nash, and wrote on “Pretty sure I didn’t try hitting on your girl.”

However, Jarman has since got in contact with NME in an attempt to clarify the situation after some media outlets picked up on the online tete-a-tete.

“Someone from his camp came down to the Newcastle Academy, where Kate was playing, in person and told Kate‘s tour manager that he had a crush on her, to which they were told she has a boyfriend, who was there [at the venue],” he said.

Professor Green‘s people called the venue to say, ‘Now that Professor Green has found out she’s got a boyfriend, he’s not interested’. I had no idea who the guy was, but obviously I was annoyed as I hate that kind of chauvinism and egotism so I tweeted him telling him what I thought.”

He added: “I woke up late the next day and saw that he has been sending me not very well thought out ‘insulting’ tweets all day, which I proceeded to ignore. It was all a little low-brow and childish in my opinion, and being drawn into a slanging match was really not what I wanted while on hiatus.

“I guess he was just (rightly) embarrassed. Usually I would not use something like Twitter to air my grievances as it’s not my style, but that kind of behaviour should have the whistle blown on it in my opinion so I don’t regret it.

“I have absolutely nothing to gain out of all this, we [The Cribs] went on hiatus after Reading Festival this year because I wanted to step away from the music industry for a while, so I’m really not interested in dragging it out any further. Besides, unlike his, my ‘career’ doesn’t depend on tabloid-style nonsense like this.

“I don’t want to seem like I’m rising to this at all, I don’t like this kind of stuff I find it really vulgar and it’s not the kind of thing I like attaching to me and my band. I’m just saying this as information.

“I don’t really want to seem like I’m going on record making a statement about it as I’m worried about this coming across as sensationalising the whole thing, I’d like this to be the end of it ideally, I’m not wanting to provoke a response.”

A spokesperson for Professor Green told NME he had no comment to make on his clash with Jarman.

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