The Cribs get keyboards in for new album sessions

Johnny Marr says the band have started initial work on record

The Cribs have started early work on their next studio album – and have started using keyboards.

Guitarist Johnny Marr said that frontman Ryan Jarman had been experimenting with the instrument for their new recording sessions, producing music he described as “different” to their previous work.

“The new stuff, particularly that Ryan‘s coming up with, is quite different,” he told BBC 6music. “Ryan‘s been playing some keyboards and he’s got very inspired by it. It still sounds like the band and his lyrics are always really interesting.”

He added: “Gary [Jarman, bass]’s been doing some stuff in Portland, so it’s all very healthy really. I’m excited about doing a new record.”

The band’s new album will be the follow-up to last year’s ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ – their fourth album, but the first they recorded with Marr as a band member.

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