The Cribs to release second album with Johnny Marr – video

Marr says it'd be 'weird' not to make another record

The CribsJohnny Marr has confirmed that the band plan to carry on and make a second album as a four-piece. He said it would be “weird” if they didn’t.

Speaking in a video interview with NME.COM, which you can watch by clicking on the right, the legendary Manchester guitarist said there was no question as to whether they would continue as their current set-up, which Marr joined to release latest album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’.

“It’s an unspoken understanding,” he said. “It’d be weird to not do it [make another album together].”


He added: “The situation with The Cribs is right from the off. When we decided we were going to make it permanent, I felt like I was welcomed in a band full-time. We’re onto a good thing musically… it’d be much weirder to not do one [another album].

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