The Cribs rush-release new single ‘Cheat On Me’

Download single available from today (August 3)

The Cribs have made their new single ‘Cheat On Me’ available to download from today (August 3) in order to combat illegal downloads of the song.

‘Cheat On Me’ had been set for release on August 31 – the physical versions of the single will still be released then.

Writing on the band’s official page,, frontman Ryan Jarman sent out a plea to fans to download the song legally.

“Instead of buying a McDonald’s burger this Monday please buy our new single ‘Cheat On Me’,” he wrote. “We’re releasing it almost a month early to beat the leakers. If you care about the band then please support us in this way, we’ve always cared for you so please care for us.

“Plus, don’t forget we gave you ‘We Were Aborted’ for free [as a download previously] so it’s kind of like two for one.”

The Cribs release their fourth album, ‘Ignore The Ignorant’, on September 7.