Johnny Marr: ‘There is nothing I could teach The Cribs’

Ex-Smiths guitarist heaps praise on the Jarman brothers

The CribsJohnny Marr has come out in praise of his bandmates.

The guitarist – who officially joined the band in August 2008 – said that it would not be healthy if he started trying to change the group.

“There’s nothing I could teach them. They’re not kids. That’s good for me, because I couldn’t be in a band where there was a big gulf in experience,” he told BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat. “It wouldn’t be good for anyone. It wouldn’t be appropriate. I think people expect there to be cultural differences when there aren’t any.”

Despite the age gap between the bandmates, Marr puts the quartet’s bond down to the fact that “we’re from the same part of the world”.

Meanwhile The Cribs are set to take over NME Radio this Friday (September 18), head to NME.COM/radio for details.