The Cribs showcase new album at tiny London show

Band play to a few hundred people at Camden Barfly

The Cribs played an intimate London show at the Barfly tonight (September 6), showcasing their new album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’.

The band played seven songs from the album (out on September 7), their first with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, in front of just a few hundred hardcore fans after they announced the gig via earlier in the week.

Beginning the set with ‘Ignore The Ignorant’‘s opening track, ‘We Were Aborted’, the band quickly incited the crowd, which included frontman Ryan Jarman‘s girlfriend Kate Nash, to turn almost half the venue into a moshpit. One fan’s jacket ended up on stage, with Ryan putting it on shortly into the set.


“I think a leather jacket’s a bad idea in this heat,” suggested bassist and co-vocalist Gary Jarman, before handing a passport that had fallen out of the jacket pocket back to its owner.

His brother Ryan delved into the pockets of the coat, finding a packet of pills. “Thanks very much Mr jacket-and-pills man,” he said as he returned the garment.

Later, the guitarist noted how the album had been doing in the download charts. “This is our party for our new release, it’s number two in the iTunes chart,” he said. “Who the fuck is David Guetta?” he then asked, referring to the DJ currently at the top spot with his ‘One Love’ album.

“That song was for David Guetta,” he added after ‘Our Bovine Public’, before the band ended their set with new album track ‘City Of Bugs’.

The Cribs played:

‘We Were Aborted’
‘Emasculate Me’
‘Hey Scenesters!’
‘I’m Alright, Me’
‘We Share The Same Skies’
‘I’ve Tried Everything’
‘Mirror Kissers’
‘I’m A Realist’
‘Ignore The Ignorant’
‘Our Bovine Public’
‘Victims Of Mass Production’
‘Another Number’
‘Cheat On Me’
‘What About Me’
‘Men’s Needs’
‘City Of Bugs’