The Cribs showcase new Johnny Marr co-written songs in Glasgow

Johnny Marr and the Jarmans kick off mini-tour

The Cribs played a sold out show at the Glasgow ABC last night (February 4), debuting several new songs as they kicked off their short UK tour.

Launching straight into new track ‘We Were Aborted’ the band, now firmly a four-piece with former Smith Johnny Marr on guitar, showcased a more edgy, rawer sound than on their previous material.

The band played a total of five new songs throughout the show, including ‘Hari Kari’, ‘Victims Of Mass Production’, ‘We Share The Same Skies’ and ‘Cheat On Me’.


Before playing the latter, Marr introduced the track saying: “This next track is going to be amazing, believe me.”

This received one of the biggest cheers of the night, leading to chants of “Johnny Marr! Johnny Marr!”.

Along with the new songs the band also played ‘Another Number’, ‘Mirror Kissers’ and other crowd-pleasers from their back catalogue.

They also had the projected video of Sonic Youth‘s Lee Ranaldo to accompany his recorded vocals on ‘Be Safe’.

Of the new songs showcased in front of the sell-out crowd, that included Kate Nash, ‘Hari Kari’ was the clearest depature for The Cribs, with the addition of Marr giving the track a louder, heavier quality.

“This is the first time we have ever played these new songs live,” Gary Jarman told the crowd before closer ‘Wrong Way To Be’, though ‘Victims Of Mass Production’ did appear in their sets in 2008. “We love giving Glasgow special treatment.”


The band finished in their typical ferocious style, with Ryan throwing his trainers into the crowd before walking offstage to sound of feedback.

The Cribs played:

‘We Were Aborted’

‘I’m A Realist’

‘Hey Scenesters!’

‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’

‘We Share The Same Skies’

‘I’ve Tried Everything’

‘Cheat On Me’

‘Our Bovine Public’

‘Women’s Needs’

‘Hari Kari’

‘Another Number’

‘Mirror Kissers’

‘Victims Of Mass Production’

‘Men’s Needs’

‘Be Safe’

‘Moving Pictures’

‘Wrong Way To Be’