The Cribs collaborating with Johnny Marr

The Smiths legend is teaming up with Wakefield's finest

The Cribs have been writing new songs with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

The penning of tunes has been taking place this week (January 21) in Stockport, and the band will record demos of the songs tomorrow (January 25).

Speaking to NME.COM, bassist Gary Jarman revealed that the fruits of the sessions may be recorded properly then released as an EP, or may contribute to a full album in collaboration with Marr.

Jarman, who lives in Portland, USA explained that he struck up a friendship with Marr (who was living there during his collaboration with Modest Mouse) after meeting him at a barbecue, then began discussing a collaboration.

“I was a bit defensive at first – I was like, ‘Who’s this other English guy at the barbecue?’, Jarman explained. “He came up and started talking to me and then the penny dropped about who he actually was.

“We became mates, then one day we went out for afternoon tea. We drank a few pots of this white tea he’s really into, and decided to work together.”

Jarman added that the songs they have been working on with Marr may feature on a future EP or even a full album.

See NME for more news on this collaboration soon.

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