The Cribs bassist hospitalised

Gary Jarman is being treated for blood poisoning

The CribsGary Jarman has been hospitalised over night (October 7).

The bassist had been complaining of pains in his arms all of yesterday (6), yet played the trio’s show at Sheffield University as scheduled.

However it was after the show that he was taking to Stuart Pearson of support band Pavillion that it was suggested that marks on his arms could indicate blood poisoning.

Jarman was taken to a nearby hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed – it is believed he got the poisoning from cutting himself accidentally on his bass strings during a recent gig – and he was put on antibiotics and ordered to stay the night.

The band however still expect to play their show in Norwich this evening, as the bassist should be discharged from hospital this afternoon and will rejoin his bandmates.

The Sheffield show also proved eventful for brother Ryan Jarman who after crowd surfing near the end of the show was prevented by bouncers who did not recognise him from returning to the stage.

It was only with the intervention of his guitar tech that he was allowed back to finish the set.