The Cribs’ singer passes out in mosh-pit

Ryan Jarman loses consciousness during frenzied Birmingham gig

Ryan Jarman, frontman of The Cribs, passed out during a gig last night (October 5) at the Birmingham Academy.

Jarman lost consciousness near the end of the set, after he hurled himself into the crowd where he was mobbed.

He was hauled from the crowd unconscious by a security guard, with most of his clothes ripped off him by fans. He regained consciousness after being shaken by another security guard.

Jarman was unconscious for around 20 seconds in total.

Shirtless and wearing the remains of his jeans, Jarman completed his band’s set by playing two acoustic songs before being assessed by paramedics.

He was given the all clear after a pep-talk by medical staff, who said the incident was probably caused by dehydration and fatigue.

The tour will continue as planned in Sheffield tonight (October 6).

Before the incident, The Cribs had played a riotous set, including new single ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’.

The gig was punctuated with crowd sing-alongs, and before Ryan Jarman entered the crowd he manically rubbed his guitar against his amp while bassist Gary Jarman bashed cymbals with his bass guitar.

The Cribs played:

‘Our Bovine Public’

‘Hey Scenesters!’


‘My Life Flashed Before My Eyes’

‘Girls Like Mystery’

‘I’m A Realist’

‘I’m Alright Me’

‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’

‘I’ve Tried Everything’

‘Womens’ Needs’

‘Moving Pictures’


‘Mens’ Needs’

‘Mirror Kissers’

‘Another Number’

‘Wrong Way To Be’

‘Shoot The Poets’

‘Ancient History’