The Cribs declare that ‘punk rock and indie are dead’ – watch

Band defend poppy new album 'For All My Sisters'

The Cribs have declared that “punk rock and indie are dead” and defended the more poppy sounds of their new album ‘For All My Sisters’.

Speaking about the upcoming record, which was influenced by the ’80s pop music the band have been listening to, guitarist Ryan Jarman said: “It’s fair to describe the record as a poppy record, we don’t see that in any way being a dirty word or anything. We had three years off after making our last record, which I feel was a pretty abrasive record. We actually had time to decide what sort of record we wanted to make. We wrote a bunch of songs – about 18 songs – and we decided we wanted to concentrate on the more poppier side of the band and make the songs as hooky as possible.”

Defending his band’s new direction, with tongue firmly in cheek, Jarman added: “Punk rock and indie’s dead, how are we going to make money any more? We have to be able to live; private jets don’t pay for themselves. Plus, we’re on a major label as well and they said, ‘Listen guys, you’ve gotta cut that punk rock nonsense out.’

“It’s all about results this time, it’s all about shifting units.”

Earlier this month, The Cribs unveiled the video for new song ‘Burning For No One’, which features the band swimming with pigs in the Bahamas. The track was recorded last Autumn at New York’s Magic Shop Studio and is the first to be taken from ‘All My Sisters’, which is due for release March 23.