The Cribs lash out at James Morrison at V Festival

Trio also take a pop at Dido during Stafford set

The Cribs got the 2007 V Festival Staffordshire leg into full swing this afternoon (August 18) by taking a swipe at fellow act James Morrison.

A huge crowd turned out to see the Wakefield trio perform a host of tracks from their three albums on the Channel 4 Stage as the rain continued to pour.

Kicking off with ‘Our Bovine Public’, the band tore through the likes of ‘Men’s Needs’ and ‘Hey Scenesters’ for an energetic set which culminated in singer Ryan Jarman ripping off his t-shirt and diving into the crowd.

As the band launched into ‘I’ve Tried Everything’, Ryan quipped: “Right I want you to cheer as loud as you can so James Morrison can hear us from the Main Stage.”

Bassist Gary Jarman added: “Saying that he can probably hear us from over there anyway.”

The band also later took a pop at Dido before ‘Mirror Kissers’ with Gary adding: “Nice turn out by the way. You could have been watching Dido by now.”

In reference to their recent stab at the indie scene, Ryan paid tribute to the crowd as the band ended on the ‘The Wrong Way To Be’.

He added: “This song is for you lot. Its about everything we are against.”

The Cribs played:

‘Our Bovine Public’

‘Hey Scenesters’

‘I’ve Tried Everything’

‘I’m A Realist’

‘Moving Pictures’

‘Mirror Kissers’

‘Men’s Needs’

‘This Is Another Number’

‘The Wrong Way To Be’

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V Festival is set to continue at Stafford with The Killers headlining the festival tonight.

Meanwhile a limited number of tickets for the 2008 event are set to go on sale next week.

Tickets will be sold at this year’s prices from 9am on August 21, see NME.COM for more details how to get ticket soon.

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