The Cribs appeal for return of missing equipment

The trio 'lose' a drum and microphone

The Cribs have appealed for the return of equipment that went missing when the band played Glasgow’s The Admiral pub.

As previously reported on March 9, the band were forced to move a gig to the local pub after the original venue – Glasgow’s King’s Tuts – flooded.

However, after the show, the band discovered several key pieces of kit had gone missing including “a Rogers vintage snare drum in a 2-tone blue burst finish” along with Ryan Jarman’s microphone.

In a online bulletin Gary Jarman wrote: “We don’t care about the mic, although it’s still not cool to nick stuff like that off a band touring on a really small budget, but we are really bummed out about the snare drum. It has a lot of sentimental value.

“We know that it went missing from inside the venue after the club checked the CCTV, and there was only 200 people in the club, so someone must know something about it.”

He added the band are now desperate for the return of their equipment, and will offer some incentive for its return.

“We want it back!” declared Jarman. “We are appealing that anyone who knows anything about it… We would be very grateful and will probably sort some kind of reward out if and when we get it back. I don’t like getting heavy with people, but we know that someone in our crowd took the snare… and it meant a lot to Ross, [he] can’t replace it.”

Anyone with information can contact the band via