The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman: ‘There’s no way out for the working class in music’

Singer addressed 'lack' of working class bands in mainstream music

The Cribs‘ Ryan Jarman has spoken about the lack of diversity in modern music, stating “there’s no way out for the working class” and that music has become “a vanity project”.

Referring to Kasabian’s comments that the lack of rock nominations at the BRIT Awards was a “conspiracy”, Jarman said the BRITs are a reflection of the industry’s control over mainstream tastes.

“I feel like at the minute, people see it as everything being pop and dance music at the moment, so there is definitely something,” Jarman told Gigwise. “I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy but we are told ‘this is popular’ and that’s what you need to be part of to be down with the kids. That’s the most important thing to the grown ups, that’s the number one goal.”

Addressing class divisions in music, Jarman said: “I’m not that sure what’s going on as far as guitar bands are concerned, but Serge (Pizzorno) was talking about ‘working class’ rock n’ roll bands and there’s definitely a point where there’s a lack of that anyway.

“I remember when we were kids, you’d be working a really crappy job and you’d go and rehearse all night because being in a band and getting a record deal was this dream to take you away from that crappy job – it was seen as your way out. Whereas now the industry has collapsed to such a degree that no one has that aspiration, you don’t have that way out any more.

“The vast majority of musicians in general seem to be people who can afford to be in a band. They have to be supported somewhere, because it almost became a vanity project for people that could afford to do it.”

The Cribs released the video for new song ‘Burning For No One’ last night. It is set in the Bahamas and features the band swimming with pigs.