The Cribs and Maximo Park storm Norwich...

MAXIMO PARK and THE CRIBS set the NME NEW MUSIC TOUR INSPIRED BY RIZLA off with a bang last night (May18) in NORWICH.

Two of the Britpack’s fastest-rising new rock bands stormed the Waterfront on the first night of the seven-band revolving line-up.

Wakefield heroes The Cribs rolled through ‘Another Number’ and ‘You Were Always The One’ from their debut as well as new singles ‘Hey Scenesters’ and ‘Mirror Kissers’ from forthcoming second album ‘The New Fellas’. And typically the band gave it their all, with co-frontman Ryan smashing his head against the microphone and playing most of the set with blood pouring from his mouth while crowdsurfing twice and almost losing his shoes.

Headliners Maximo Park, meanwhile, celebrated the release this week of their album ‘A Certain Trigger’, playing hits ‘Apply Some Pressure’ and ‘Graffiti’.

Singer Paul Smith said: “The first night of the tour is always a good one because everybody’s up for it. And we’ve never played in Norwich before, that’s our plan, to try and get to as many places as possible and reach people that we’ve never played to before. Every night there’s something to prove again.”

Earlier in the day, opening band, New Zealand’s The Checks, had been forced to pull last night’s date at the eleventh hour, along with today’s scheduled show in Portsmouth, due to illness.

But Smith laughed off talk of a curse: “It’s survival of the fittest, it’s an evolutionary process. The last band standing will be Maximo Park !”