The Cribs: ‘The festival scene’s not what it was’

The Jarman brothers on why festivals were better in 1997

The Cribs have said they don’t think the festival scene is what it once was.

Speaking to NME before their appearance at last week’s Reading Festival, Ryan and Gary Jarman said they miss being part of the campsite culture at the festival in a video you can watch above.

“Those crusty old hippies, they always had it right,” Gary Jarman said. “Things aren’t what they used to be, man. The festival scene’s not what it was. 1997, that was my year – all the freaks and the piercings and all the weird kids from each little town would converge on Reading and not be afraid of being abused. That was what was so awesome about it.”

His brother Ryan added: “When I used to come when I was younger, for me watching the bands was never the main thing. The main thing was being on the campsite. It felt like the festival would really start after the bands finished. So it’s weird to come every year now and miss out on that entire aspect of it…it’s a shame to miss out on that.”

“I used to think the backstage area was the place to be. But it’s not true at all. Out front is by far the most exciting place to be”, he said.

Speaking about his thoughts on his brother Ryan’s solo project with ex Here We Go magic guitarist Jen Turner, Gary said: “He can do whatever he wants. That’s always what The Cribs was based on – you can do whatever you want. If he wants to take some time out to do that then that’s totally fine. Me and Ross will take that opportunity to do our stuff.”

Ryan added: “Within The Cribs, maybe it’s us being brothers, we’ve always had this understanding that it’s like everyone should feel like they can do whatever they want. You should never feel like this is a job, or this is an institution.”