The Cribs salute Dave Grohl as they storm Rochester

Band warm up for festivals in front of intimate crowd

The Cribs warmed up for their UK festival appearances last night (August 14) with an intimate show in Rochester.

During the gig at the Royal Function Rooms, the band took the time to pay tribute to Dave Grohl, who they said was a Reading and Leeds Festival veteran, much like themselves.

The Wakefield trio are set to make their sixth big stage appearance at Reading and Leeds later this month, but admitted that with Grohl set to make his ninth showing – after playing with Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and Foo Fighters – they had a little catching up to do.


“We’ve got a few other things up our sleeves,” bassist Gary Jarman told NME before the show, alluding to potential touring plans. “But Reading and Leeds… it’s always high pressure, we’ve had some significant gigs there over the past few years. We’re one of the bands who have played there more than anyone else. Dave Grohl, he’s probably the only person who’d usurp us on that.”

Gary added: “We did 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010… this will be our sixth, but we did play 2002 on the comedy stage. Dave’s got a few years on us! We were the first band to do consecutive stages: Carling Stage 2004, NME Stage 2005 and Main Stage 2006. We set a record that year!”

When asked who was the ultimate Reading and Leeds veteran out of The Cribs and Grohl, Gary added: “It’s Dave I guess, but we don’t begrudge him that.”

He then talked about how excited he was about The Cribs playing at Tennent’s Vital 2012 next week (August 21-22) in Belfast alongside the Foos. “It’s kind of a big deal,” he said. “One of the first gigs I saw was Foo Fighters back in the ’90s, it’s kind of rad playing together.”

Chatting about the evening’s sweaty gig, he said: “We wanted to do a warm-up for the festivals for one thing. And the second thing was, it’s a really good opportunity to come to places bands don’t normally come to. The venue guy told us they haven’t had a big show – as he put it, not how I put it – for quite some time. That was always something that excited us. Particularly between the first and second record. We’d go to small towns people didn’t go to, because hopefully it matters more to people. It just makes me feel good.”

The band played a rapturous Rochester show, airing their song ‘Pure O’ for the first time ever live.


The Cribs played:

‘Come On, Be A No-One’
‘Hey Scenesters’
‘Mirror Kissers’
‘Glitters Like Gold’
‘Jaded Youth’
‘We Share The Same Skies’
‘Baby Don’t Sweat’
‘Back To The Bolthole’
‘I’m A Realist’
‘Pure O’
‘Another Number’
‘Be Safe’
‘Leather Jacket Love Song’
‘Men’s Needs’
‘City Of Bugs’
‘Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast’