The Cribs in talks with Queen/David Bowie producer for album five

Band begin life without Johnny Marr

The Cribs are set to meet Queen and David Bowie producer David Richards this summer about the possibility of him producing their fifth album.

The band are starting life again as a three-piece after guitarist Johnny Marr left the set-up earlier this year, and they already have some ideas about which direction to go in. Bassist/singer Gary Jarman told NME that the band plan to fly to Switzerland, where Richards is based, to sound him out about working with them.

“I used to be obsessed with the Queen album ‘Innuendo’ [released in 1991]”, he explained. “I’ve been in touch with the producer, Dave Richards, who works out of a studio in Switzerland. He’s interested in doing it – we’re going out there to visit him in July, I think.”

As well as Queen‘s ‘Innuendo’ Richards produced Bowie‘s 1987 album ‘Never Let Me Down’. He has also worked with Deep Purple, Iggy Pop and Yes.

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