The Cribs announce eighth album ‘Night Network’ and share first single ‘Running Into You’

The band's new album was recorded at Foo Fighters' Studio 606 in Los Angeles

The Cribs have announced that they will return with ‘Night Network’, their eighth studio album. Check out the video for lead single ‘Running Into You’ below.

Set for release on November 13, the latest effort from the Wakefield trio was recorded at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 in the spring/summer of 2019 after Dave Grohl offered the studio to the group.

It followed a tumultuous period following the release of 2017’s ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’, when a series of legal issues with their management company threatened the group’s immediate future.


“At one point we were actually so disillusioned with what had happened, we didn’t
even know if we wanted to get back into the band any more,” Ryan Jarman explained.

Hailing Grohl as a “knight in shining armour”, they explained how he offered up the studio after the band supported the Foos when they played Manchester’s Etihad Stadium in 2018.

“Dave was just like, ‘Forget about all that business stuff, just come out to LA and make a
record at our studio’ – Dave made that offer to us,” Ryan said.

They then headed out to Los Angeles to record the album alongside Foos engineer James Brown and frequent Cribs collaborator John O’Mahony.

Today, they have teased the record with ‘Running Into You’, which comes accompanied by a video starring Control actor Sam Riley as a news anchor celebrating the band’s return.


“We’ve been gone for the last couple of years, so we wanted to channel the spirit of the inevitable Cribs-mania; which we are sure the news of our comeback will precipitate,” they said.

“It was great to work with Sam again, our relationship with him goes all
the way back to our very first headline tour which we undertook along with his band 10,000 Things  and we have considered him part of the family ever since. It’s an honour to have him involved.”

Sam Riley added: “The Jarman’s were, and still are, three of the loveliest and coolest guys you could ever meet… meaning that even though they had many more fans than we did,we could never hold it against them! Those first tours with Ryan, Gary and Ross are some of the happiest times of my life.”

Check out the album track-listing in full below.

1. ‘Goodbye’
2. ‘Running Into You’
3. ‘Screaming In Suburbia’
4. ‘Never Thought I’d Feel Again’
5. ‘Deep Infatuation’
6. ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ (feat. Lee Ranaldo)
7. ‘She’s My Style’
8. ‘Under The Bus Station Clock’
9. ‘The Weather Speaks Your Name’
10. ‘Siren Sing-Along’
11. ‘Earl & Duke’
12. ‘In The Neon Night’

Night Network arrives on November 13.