The frontman with the veteran goth rockers intends to release a solo album next year...

THE CURE vocalist Robert Smith has confirmed he is to split the band after completing promotional duties for their current album ‘BLOODFLOWERS’ and go solo.

In an interview with website [url=] in the US, where the band are currently completing the final stages of their world tour, Smith said of track ‘Maybe Someday’ from ‘Bloodflowers’: “That’s the one song on the album about ending The Cure…as soon as the others heard that one, their faces dropped. This is our swansong. I wanted one on there that said it.

“I’ve been doing this with The Cure for the whole of my adult life and I want to try something different. It’s a way of letting go. It’s actually defined my life, being in The Cure. It’s the first time in years that after we finish this tour, there are no plans to do anything else.”

Smith also revealed that he plans to collaborate with other musicians outside of The Cure for his solo album, which is expected to surface in 2001. He said: “I’d like to collaborate with other people that I’ve grown to know over the years, just to see what happens…I can’t do that in the context of The Cure because it would destroy the dynamic that exists in the band. It’s just easier to walk away.”

The Cure have already played live throughout Europe, and the US leg of the tour is set to end in August. However, the band’s management refused to confirm the demise of the band and said there had been no developments on what would happen to the band following the current tour.