The frontman's making a record of his own, and says he's fed up with touring...

Rumours that THE CURE will split following the completion of their current world tour have started to intensify.

The band are currently on the American leg of their ‘Dream Tour 2000’, to promote their 13th studio album ‘Bloodflowers’, which was released on Valentine’s Day in the UK through Polydor. The band have already played live throughout Europe, and the tour is set to end in August.

Rumours are now growing that the band will finally split, following Cure vocalist Robert Smith‘s claims he is working on a solo album. Speaking about the project he told reporters: “It’s not the kind of album that’ll be played a lot on radio. They’re not verse-chorus-verse-chorus.”

Following the release of his solo record, Smith revealed he plans to take some time off instead of touring again. He added: “I’ve spent almost 25 years touring. I really want to stay at home more.”

But a spokesperson for the band played down the rumours that the band are to split, saying: “The Cure are out of contract with Polydor now they have finished ‘Bloodflowers’, so this is the last album they are committed to make…there is no pressure on them. These rumours about the band splitting always circulate about The Cure, so we’ll have to just wait and see.”