New album 'Bloodflowers' out in February 2000...

THE CURE return next year with an album called ‘Bloodflowers’, released on Valentine’s Day, February 14 2000.

They will also be playing a free show next week in New York on October 19 as part of VH1‘s Hard Rock Live series, though it won’t be shown until Spring next year.

The band had intended to release the album, the follow up to 1997’s ‘Wild Mood Swings’, this year but decided to wait until after the millennium was over.

Robert Smith has posted a statement on the band’s official website talking about the album. Also, details about live dates and sound files will be posted there in the near future.

The tracklisting is:

‘Out Of This World’ ‘Watching Me Fall’ ‘Where The Birds Always Sing’ ‘Maybe Someday’ ‘The Last Day Of Summer’ ‘There Is No If…’ ‘The Loudest Sound’ ’39’ ‘Bloodflowers’