The Cure discuss new album

Robert Smith is planning for a May release

The Cure are hoping to release their new album in May.

Frontman Robert Smith has been writing new songs for the follow up to 2005’s ’The Cure’, attempting to overcome a bout of writer’s block.

“I find myself stopping short and thinking ‘I’ve done this before’ and better,” he explained. “I’ve given myself a deadline to finish the words before Christmas. If I don’t I should be shot.”

Smith said that the album will be a mix of sadder songs alongside more upbeat tracks.

“I tend to favour this option,” he said. “More in the style of (1987)’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me’ album, with different things happening instead of being a mood piece. But the art of that is to get it all to hang together.”

The band no longer has a keyboard player since Roger O’Donnell quit last year, while original guitarist Porl Thompson has returned.

Smith added: “There’s no need for keyboards when you have Porl playing guitar. He can pretty much create any sound you want. He’s brought back a sense of urgency and we’ve got a rock edge again.”

The band is augmented by bassist Simon Gallup and drummer Jason Cooper

Speaking to Reuters Smith said: “Being a four-piece is getting back to stripped down stage look and sound.”

As previously reported the band are set to headline the Ultra Music Festival on March 27 at Miami’s Bicentennial Park.