Robert Smith works through one of his classic songs at the London arena gig...

THE CURE’s ROBERT SMITH made a surprise guest appearance at PLACEBO’s singles gig in LONDON last night (November 5).

The singer performed two tracks with Brian Molko during the band’s one off date at Wembley Arena – ’Without You I’m Nothing’ and The Cure classic ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

At the beginning of the encore the Placebo frontman announced to the audience: “It is a great honour. It is a fucking great honour to welcome on stage Robert Smith ladies and gentlemen.”

During the show Molko also paid tribute to John Peel and dedicated new single ’Twenty Years to the late Radio 1 DJ.

The 90-minute set was made up mainly of tracks from the band’s recently released singles compilation including ’Pure Morning’, ’Slave To The Wage’, ’Every You Every Me’, ’Special Needs’, ’The Bitter End’ and ’Taste In Men’

As the band closed the show with ’Nancy Boy’, Molko thanked the crowd for coming and he added: “We’ve been on the road since March 2003 so now its time to go away and do normal, human things for a while. But we’ll be back inside the bubble in a couple of years. We love you. We have been Placebo. Good night.”