Material released after their forthcoming 'Greatest Hits' is likely to be via their official website...

ROBERT SMITH has said THE CURE plan to release their new material online.

The group release a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation on November 12. Speaking to Canadian website Jam Music, Smith said that the group were unlikely to sign another major label deal now that they are out of contract, and plan to release music via their official website, www.thecure.com.

He said: “I have grown pretty tired of having to ask six people (at a label) whether I can do something. I am in my 40s. It is starting to grate. The spontaneity has disappeared. I thought with the state of the Internet, it is the perfect opportunity for me and the band to do stuff, without consulting.

“I think that is a fantastic thing to be able to do. I don’t want to just sign to someone for the sake of it. Everything is too slow. Too corporate. I will see how things go. We will have a year away from (the labels) and see how things go.”

Smith said that making money is not a priority, but it is likely a small charge is likely.

He continued: “I am in a position materially where it doesn’t make a difference if I put up free music. It is not going to make or break what I or the band does. I am not sure in the long term if anything will remain that free, because the more you read about how they are going to send the Internet along cables, it is who controls the cable and who controls the flow of information that determines it. You can have whatever you want at your website, but if no one can get there without paying, it isn’t free.”

Smith continues to work on a solo album, which may be released in 2002.