Whatever happened to the band splitting following the release of 'Bloodflowers'?...

THE CURE have contradicted rumours they would split following the release of their ‘BLOODFLOWERS’ album by announcing an appearance at the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL in DENMARK.

In interviews during the promotional activity for ‘Bloodflowers’ last year, mainman Robert Smith consistently hinted that The Cure would split so he could pursue a solo career.

Speaking about the song ‘Maybe Someday’ from ‘Bloodflowers’, he said: “That’s the one song on the album about ending The Cure…as soon as the others heard that one, their faces dropped. This is our swansong. I wanted one on there that said it.

“I’ve been doing this with The Cure for the whole of my adult life and I want to try something different. It’s a way of letting go. It’s actually defined my life, being in The Cure. It’s the first time in years that after we finish this tour, there are no plans to do anything else.”

However, the band have now confirmed they are to headline the Roskilde Festival on July 1.

The show will be the band’s only festival appearance this summer, although a UK spokesperson for the band told NME.COM they had been in the studio this year working on new material.