Frontman Courtney Taylor tells NME.COM he's so excited about Vodafone's patronage he's gonna buy one of their products himself...


DANDY WARHOLS could be set to storm the UK charts with the

news that ‘BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU’ is being re-released on the back of a TV


The track, which got to Number

42 last year, has been given heavy prime time rotation in the UK on an

advertisement for mobile phone giants Vodafone.

Speaking to NME.COM, frontman Courtney Taylor

said: “‘Bohemian…’ was a hit before we ever recorded it! We

always hope that a lot of groovy people find our records.”

On the controversial subject of licensing songs to TV ads, and whether he’s concerned

about the idea of selling out, Taylor added: “Fuck no! People can

give me as much money as they want to play my music as long as they don’t change it. I’m

pretty excited about it actually. I think I’m gonna go out and get a mobile phone


Taylor also confirmed that a new Dandy

Warhols album is due “in the first half of next year”. “We’ve

spent some time recording with Massive

Attack,” he adds, “and we’ve learned more from them than just about

anything we’ve done. So now we’ve just finished building our own studio in Portland

and we’re about to record by ourselves. But if we find that our abilites don’t live up to

our expectations we’ll be grovelling at their doorstep for some more help!”

‘Bohemian Like You’ is due for re-release, via Capitol,

on October 29 – over a year since its original UK release.