The bands work on the project when they get the chance...

Dandy Warhols

and Massive Attack are to release a joint collaborative album.

Singer Courtney Taylor told [url=]

that his band and Massive Attack mainman Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja had been working on the project as a break from producing the band’s next material.

“On and off we keep chiselling away at this sculpture we’re sort of making,” said Courtney. “Now we’ve both released records so we’re busy on tour a lot. We played together in Holland, so we were talking about what to do and we’re thinking since we’ve just built a new studio we should have them come to Portland and we’re thinking maybe next Fall.”

It’s not the first time the groups have collaborated. In October 2000 they wrote a track called ‘House Of Yes’ together, and Massive Attack also remixed tracks for the [a][/a]’ ‘Godless’ EP in 2001.