The unlikely collaborators have recorded a track together...

THE DANDY WARHOLS have been in the studio with Massive Attack to record a new track called ‘HOUSE OF YES’.

According to a posting on the official Dandy Warhols website, [url=], the band met with Massive Attack while in the UK as part of their European tour over the summer.

The posting reveals the band “hung out in Bristol and ended up cutting a track with the groundbreaking electronic artists. Courtney (Taylor, Warhols vocalist) was so impressed that he’s considering ‘a new direction’ for the Dandys for their next record.”

Speaking to US website [url=], Taylor said the song has a working title of ‘House Of Yes’, and is “everything you would think the Dandy Warhols with Massive Attack would sound like… low and gooey, with a fat, tight, slow beat, a tight groove, lots of space, acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies.”

A release date for the collaboration is yet to be confirmed, as the Dandy Warhols are currently on a comprehensive US tour. Taylor said: “We’re all very excited about it. They’re making their own record right now (Massive Attack), and we just need to see if we have to keep touring or we can get back in the studio.”

Massive Attack recently regrouped in Barbados during the sessions for their new album, having recorded 85 tracks and ten hours worth of new material at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey last September.

Speaking previously about the album 3-D said: “If we just sit in the Bristol studio we’ll just delve into it randomly…I want to go away and listen to them over and over and write lyrics.”