The Dandy Warhols wade into the Primal Scream Tory row

Now frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor hits out at the Conservatives too

The Dandy Warhols have followed Primal Scream‘s lead in attacking the Conservatives for using their music at the Tory party conference.

Yesterday (October 5), in a case of mistaken identity, Primal Scream believed the Tories had used their track ‘Rocks’ during Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech, causing them to write a furious missive saying they were “totally disgusted” by the news.

But the song actually played was The Dandy Warhols‘Bohemian Like You’, and the Portland, Oregon band are just as unimpressed to discover they were the real soundtrack to the event.


Frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor took to the band’s website to launch his own tirade against the Conservatives, saying he was so angry, “I wanna puke”. He wrote:

Why don’t these assholes have right-wing bands make them some right-wing music for their right-wing jerkoff politics? Oh, because right-wing people aren’t creative, visionary or any fun to be around.

It wasn’t just the right wing that came under fire, though, as Taylor-Taylor went on to rant: “Jesus, I tend to really dislike ANY people who take sides in politics. It is the single greatest contributor to getting nothing done. Fuck ‘politics’.”