Oasis, Blur and The Charlatans feel the sharp end of Courtney Taylor's tongue...

Dandy Warhols frontman COURTNEY TAYLOR has attacked THE CHARLATANS, BLUR and LONGPIGS for not being upfront about sex and drugs, and dismissed OASIS as “two brothers and some session musos”.

Speaking in Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, Taylor also slammed the UK press as “tabloid drivel” and took exception to the way papers write about The Dandy Warhols, saying: “I found the UK press stupid, embarrassing, dishonest and cheap. They’re all really nice guys to hang out with, but when you turn your back they revert to sexually frustrated 14-year-olds. They ask us about sex and drugs so we go ahead and talk about sex and drugs, and apparently they just can’t believe that.

“We’ve never met an English band that isn’t mind-bogglingly fucked up on drugs, alcohol and shitty sex, from The Charlatans to Longpigs to Blur. They’re all into it. They love to party, but they won’t talk about it… We’re just four people who are all pretty much in tune with each other. We have fun together and we have taste. We know where to draw the line. Most of those…British bands are doing way more coke and 16-year-old girls than we’ve ever done.”

He also decried the state of rock ‘n’ roll, saying: “The point for me is that there are no rock ‘n’ roll bands anymore. People said Oasis was a rock ‘n’ roll band but it’s really just two brothers and some session musos. There are no Led Zeppelins or Beatles any more.”

The Dandy Warhols play V2000 at Staffordshire on Saturday (August 19) and Chelmsford on Sunday, plus Glasgow Green Festival In The City the following Saturday (August 26).