The band speak out on the recording of their second album...

THE DARKNESS have admitted they’ve struggled to find time to concentrate on their second album because of their hectic work schedule.

The band are currently writing songs which will feature on the follow-up to their hugely successful debut ’Permission To Land’.

Speaking in today’s Observer newspaper, Justin Hawkins said that their busy schedule is having an effect on the band.

He said: “We’ve got caught up in the corporate machine. We’ve done a lot of things that we knew in our heart of hearts we shouldn’t have done, and we knew it was a waste of time, but we did it, and were proved correct on every level.

“After The Brits we all got on a plane to go and do a TV show in Germany, when what we should have done, for our own sanity and health, is stay and acknowledge the achievement, have a big party and a big hangover the next day.

”When you push it to the extent that you’re getting blood from a stone, your morale hits rock bottom and your next record’s shit. We all knew that would happen, and it’s happening to us”

However, the group remain optimistic for their second record, which could be released before the end of the year. Bassist Frankie Poullain said: “We just need to get the hunger back, and we can do a better album. An album that competes with the heavyweights. We have to have the confidence not to be quite so wacky. People call it ‘wackiness’, I prefer to call it wit.”