Justin Hawkins reveals the news on an LA radio station...

THE DARKNESS singer JUSTIN HAWKINS has revealed he is to undergo throat surgery.

The vocalist told Los Angeles’ KROQ radio he’s going under the knife later this month to correct a recurring heartburn problem.

He told the Kevin and Bean morning show: “I’m going to have an operation . (It’s on) my oesophagus, because I get acid reflux, which comes into my throat and is the reason why I had to cancel a couple of shows this tour.”

Hawkins said he’ll undergo the treatment during the band’s month long break, set to begin next week.

The singer admitted the surgery does come with risks, which he says his colleagues are concerned about. He added: “Certain people are (worried) but they’re going to insist on the smallest tube possible for the key hole and then some people are going to help me to try and get back.

“They don’t anticipate that it’ll be any permanent damage but it will take a while to get it back to normal.”

Hawkins and his bandmates appeared on the show at the completion of their US stint which saw them directed by Quentin Tarantino on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night (April 20).