What an unusual combination...

QUENTIN TARANTINO directed The Darkness‘ performance on a US TV show last night.

The Oscar-winning ‘Kill Bill 2’ man was the guest director on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show in Los Angeles last night (April 20) where The Darkness performed ‘Growing On Me’ .

Several hundred fans lined Hollywood Boulevard for hours to gain entry to the late night chat show at El Capitan Theatre.

In-between Tarantino-style scenes of blood and gore, the band also found time to chat with Kimmel about working with Tarantino.

“(We’re) big fans, big fans, yeah. He’s a legend in England,” guitarist Dan Hawkins told him.

Singer, Justin Hawkins, and bassist, Frankie Poullain, were also keen to talk about their idiosyncratic dress sense.

“We’ve gone for a…it’s a fusion,” Hawkins laughed, wearing leather pants and suede chaps.

“There are no words to describe it. It’s something that’s very hard to categorise and put in a niche,” bassist Frankie Poullain added.

The band also announced the second leg of their US tour, which will begin in Boston on May 31.