The band reckon the recording of the charity song will be "pretty chaotic" and "thrown together"...

The Darkness have revealed all about their part in this weekend’s BAND AID 20 recording.

The cock rockers are among the big names appearing on the new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, to be recorded this Sunday (November 14) at London’s Air Studios.

Singer Justin Hawkins told XFM which parts he would like to contribute to the legendary track: “With a bit of luck, a screaming guitar solo and either all of Sting’s parts or Bono’s line. Why? Cos those were my favourite parts from the original recording, which I consider to be a fantastic moment in music, let alone what it achieved on a charitable level. But it’s time to recreate the magic, and perhaps add a little of our own.”


However Justin will be disappointed if persistent rumours are that the U2 singer will return to sing his famous line “Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you”.

Guitarist Dan Hawkins said: “It’s similar to the last one, it’s all pretty chaotic. It’s gonna be thrown together on the day and we’ll see what happens really, like any recording session that any musician has ever done that’s been any good. I think I practised it enough when it came out at the time, when I was about ten, so I’m sure it’s all still in there. We’ll make it sound rocking I think, hopefully.”

Snow Patrol will be joined on the track by members of Coldplay, Jamelia, [/a], Busted and [a]. Bookmakers are not taking bets that the song will be this year’s Christmas Number One.

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