Fans in Liverpool left disappointed after Justin Hawkins suffers a throat infection...

The Darkness pulled a show at the eleventh hour in LIVERPOOL over the weekend after singer JUSTIN HAWKINS got a throat infection.

The gig at the Liverpool Academy was postponed minutes before the band were due to go on stage to play to 2,000 fans (October 18).

According to the local Liverpool Daily Post newspaper, support band Three Inches Of Blood had already made their appearance and fans had waited over an hour before the announcement was made.

Carl Bathgate, of Liverpool University, told the paper: “Justin did his soundcheck, wasn’t feeling too well and went to the doctor with a view to getting something to get him through the gig. It was then, that the doctor told him that he shouldn’t perform.”

Writing on the band’s official website, Justin explained what happened. He said: “I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for what happened last night – it’s the first time we’ve ever had to pull a show and nobody could be more disappointed than me.

”I’ve often felt a little hoarse of a morning, but usually my hour-long pre-show warm-up blows away the cobwebs. Yesterday was different, and I didn’t realise how serious the problem was until around 8.30pm when my voice disappeared altogether.

”A doctor was called and the first thing he noticed was that one of my glands was swollen, and arranged for me to see Liverpool’s finest ENT consultant immediately, so I was driven to the hospital.

”Liverpool’s finest ENT consultant found that I have laryngitis AND an infection in my voicebox, I have swollen vocal chords and a troublesome node which is (worryingly) causing mischief.

”If it were as simple as a sore throat, the ENT consultant could have administered an injection to reduce the swelling and the show would have gone ahead, but sadly that could not happen last night.

”I’m really sorry that the cancellation could not be announced earlier, but the injection possibility was not ruled out until well beyond our scheduled stage time. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.”

A spokesperson for the band said the remainder of the tour should be unaffected.

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