The rockers land to a sensational reception in California...

The stars came out in force to seeThe Darkness’ LOS ANGELES gig last night (September 22).

Jack Osbourne, Travis Barker of Blink 182 and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray were among the celebrities that turned up to the sold out Roxy Theatre in LA for The Darkness’ southern California landing.

The band hit the stage just after 10pm, kicking things off with the instrumental ‘Bareback’, followed by ‘Black Shuck’. Fans rushed toward the stage, beating their fists in the air to show their enthusiasm for the Lowestoft four-piece.

The group’s debut album, ’Permission to Land’, was only released stateside last Tuesday (September 16), but fans sang more than just ‘Get Your Hands Off My Woman’, ‘Growing on Me’, and current UK single ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ alongside frontman Justin Hawkins.

Although reports surfaced this weekend that the New York gig didn’t go down overwhelmingly, LA fans were blown over. “I came in expecting the best because I read so much about them and I was floored”, Geoff Hickman, 33 of Anaheim told NME.COM. “You don’t see many bands that put on that good of a show. They looked like they enjoyed themselves. It’s damn entertaining.”

Also impressed was Natalie Bolanos, 23, of Orange County. “They were amazing,” she said. “They delivered everything I ever heard of them and their buns were the cutest! I got to grab them. They’re so amazing. I think it’s (their) time. We need a band that’s happy and full of life and ready to rock out.”

The Darkness‘ full set list was:’Bareback’

‘Black Shuck’

‘Growing On Me’

‘Best Of Me’

‘Making Out’

‘Love’s Only A Feeling’

‘Get Your Hands Off of My Woman’

‘Giving Up’

‘Stuck in a Rut’

‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’

‘Street Spirit’

‘Love On the Rocks’