They've got Kylie's designer working on very tight outfits...

The Darkness frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS has commissioned two outfits for their forthcoming KNEBWORTH megashows that are so tight he will have to be naked underneath.

The glam rockers are supporting Robbie Williams at the legendary venue over three nights this weekend (August 1-3).

Outrageous dresser Justin told today’s (July 30) Star newspaper: “The costumes are having to be chiselled on rather than sewn. They’ll be really spectacular. Because I’ve got to change quickly I’ll be going commando. It’s a case of greasing round the scrotum with Swarfega and shaving my buttocks so nothing catches on the fabric.”

Justin, who has [a][/a]’s stylist working on the costumes, added, “Bands like us aren’t going to be cool forever. We need to get stuck in.”