Justin Hawkins: ‘I left the Darkness because we’d stopped being creative’

Singer also reveals that the band are going to finish their new album in Nashville

Justin Hawkins has opened up about his departure from The Darkness in 2006, revealing that he left the band because they had “stopped being creative”.

The band, who reunited earlier this year and performed a comeback slot at Download Festival, have spent the last six months recording their third studio album and have just completed a UK tour, which was meant to coincide with the album’s completion.

However, Hawkins has now revealed that the band have booked a recording studio in Nashville and are going to record more tracks over the coming weeks.


Asked by Rolling Stone why the band had decided to relocate to Nashville rather than remain at their base in Suffolk to finish the album, Hawkins replied that he wanted the band to take more risks and that he was keen not to replicate the feelings of frustration that caused him to initially leave the band.

He said: “We started doing stuff because we were trying to cling onto the achievements we’d made with the first record. And that’s definitely the main reason why I left, I felt like we’d stopped being creative and being fun in the name of desperately trying to maintain something.”

The singer also spoke about the band’s new material, revealing that songs titled ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Love’ and ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’ are set to feature on the band’s new album.

He said: “There’s one called ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Love’ and I suppose it’s the nearest equivalent the new set of songs has to ‘Friday Night’ or something like that. It’s an acoustic-y, swing-y one with a massive guitar solo in the middle. Then there’s another song called ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’ which has been in the set for a while. There are probably seven or eight tracks we’ve actually done live, all of which will make it onto the record probably.”

You can watch a video of The Darkness walking onstage at Download Festival by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.