Justin Hawkins denies The Darkness are reuniting

Singer goes to Twitter to dispel gossip

Justin Hawkins has denied that The Darkness are reforming this year – following rumours that they were set to reunite after four years apart.

It had been claimed in The Sun that the band were set to tour again, but Hawkins declared that the reports were “essentially horse shit”.

The frontman, writing on his Twitter page, Twitter.com/justinhawkins yesterday (Jul 5) denied the rumours and played down claims of differences with his guitarist brother Dan Hawkins from their days in the band.


“Neither Dan nor I were aware of a ‘bitter feud’ that has last half-a-decade,” he wrote. “We’ve been at war for over 30 years.”

It was also claimed that drummer Ed Graham helped unite the brothers after having a son earlier this year.

“I was startled to read that I’ve been spending time with a small child that I didn’t know existed,” added Hawkins. “Congrats Ed, I think… I’m going to stand down from my position as vocalist and hand the microphone to Ed‘s imaginary son. He’s got a cracking voice.”

Hawkins did, however, sarcastically admit to being flattered that the band were seemingly in high demand, concluding: “Delighted to read that The Sun would be glad to have us. Warmed my cockles to no end.”

The Darkness formed in 2000 and split up in 2006. Justin Hawkins has been recently playing in a new band, Hot Leg.