‘The Darkness’ officially over

But they will continue under a new name

The Darkness have officially called it a day, the band have announced.

As previously reported frontman Justin Hawkins quit the band in October of last year, but the remaining band memebers vowed to continue with bassist Richie Edwards as vocalist.

However, posting on thedarknessrock.com, the band have announced they will carry on, but not under the name ‘The Darkness’.

The post from singer Edwards reads: “I can absolutely confirm here and now that we will not be carrying on under the name ’The Darkness’.

“We are literally days aways from announcing our new name, when this is done we will be launching our new website and we sincerely hope that you guys will be paying it a visit.

“I can’t wait for this album to be finished and for you all to hear it, it’ll knock your fuckin’ socks off!”

The band currently consists of Toby MacFarlaine, Richie Edwards, Ed Graham and Dan Hawkins.