The spat erupts after a war of words at T In The Park...

The Darkness and Keane have declared war on each other after T IN THE PARK.

The spat erupted after Keane singer Tom Chaplin gave an interview saying that the glam-rockers’ reign as Britain’s biggest band was coming to an end, according to The Sun newspaper.

Enraged, The Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain went on the warpath, fuming: “What are those public schoolboys like? We used to call namby-pambys like that bedwetters – but now they’ve taken it to a whole new league.

Keane are now more sheet-soilers than bedwetters and play music to suck your thumb to. I did try to have a word with their lead singer about all this but I just couldn’t get his dummy off him – he has a very strong grip you know.”

This latest rock spat echoes the recently-resolved feud between Oasis and Starsailor, which blew up at the same festival two years ago.