Bassist Frankie Poullain speaks out…

The Darkness’ FRANKIE POULLAIN has admitted the group get “sick to the back teeth of each other”.

The band, who have spent some of this year working on their second album, will headline this weekend’s T In The Park and Oxegen festivals.

Frankie told Radio 1 that the band’s time together doesn’t come without its troubles.

He said: “There could be some cracks appearing, but without the friction there is no spark. You can’t create a spark without friction.

“The thing is you sacrifice, you bite your lip for the common good, the more noble goal, and that’s what we’re all focused on. So we’re all focused on the same objective. Okay yeah, of course there’s fights and everything. We get sick to the back teeth of each other.”

He added: “We all have our little faults. Justin is trumping all the time, or farting, or whatever you call it in this country. Ed whinges all the time. I’m perhaps a little too cynical for my own good. Dan is a bit of a martyr. But that’s what creates the band, it’s the chemistry, so I think it’s a good thing.”

Following their festival run this weekend (July 10/11), the band also play at the Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals in August.